How to Get MIUI v6 Running On Your YU Yureka

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If you own a Yureka from the first batch of devices, you must have gone through the phase between selecting one between a Yureka and Xiaomi Redmi Note. Although the Yureka is a clear winner if the hardware is considered, the Xiaomi device is miles ahead when it comes to providing a richer User Interface. Cyanogenmod is fast and slick but nothing beats MIUI when it comes to aesthetics.


Therefore, to your aid, some kind soul on XDA has come up with a MIUI 6 port for your YU Yureka. The ROM looks decent enough to serve as a daily driver. The loudspeaker output has been reported to get better while you’re gonna face a few glitches here and there as this ain’t an official release.

Enough of talking, let’s get started with our tutorial to get this neat thing running on your Yureka.

Here are a few pre-requisites that you must and should go through before we proceed:

  1. You’ll need your device to be rooted.
  2. You must and should have a running CWM or equivalent recovery on your device.
  3. You must backup all the data.
  4. Download this file: MIUI 6 for Yureka .
  5. Place the file in the root folder of your phone’s memory.

Done with all that, let’s move on with the following steps:

  1. Boot into recovery mode(By pressing Volume Up + Power buttons at boot).
  2. You can navigate around in the recovery mode by using the Volume keys. To make a selection, use the power key.(If you are using a custom recovery that doesn’t support touch navigation.)
  3. Do a factory reset/full wipe(Recommended to avoid memory issues!).
  4. Go to Mounts and Storage and apply operations to make the menu look like this:
    mount /system
    unmount /data
    unmount /cache
    unmount /persist
    unmount /firmware
    mount /storage/sdcard1
  5. Now Format /system.
  6. Now go to “Install zip from SD card”.
  7. Select the zip which you placed in the root folder in step #5 of the pre-requisites.
  8. Proceed to flash the file on the follow up screen and confirm by pressing the selection key(power key).
  9. Now navigate back to the recovery main menu and hit “Reboot system now”.
  10. Select “No” Option on the follow up screen.
  11. Proceed with the Reboot.

Now this boot may take a bit longer than usual.

One good things is that the developer has managed to put the core Google apps in the ROM itself so you won’t have to bother much about them. Again, since this is a very large ROM, the boot will take longer as the system has to finalize a lot of files that have been freshly installed. Once done with that, you’ll land up on the MIUI welcome screen with a tinted background.

MIUI 6 is beautiful and having such a beautiful ROM in it’s arsenal can make the Yureka stand even taller in front of it’s competitors.

In case of any suggestions/queries, drop us a line in the comments section. Happy To Help!

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