How to Enable WiFi On the G Watch R

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It hasn’t yet been a month till Google launched Android Wear 5.1 update for the smartwatches. And along with it came a plethora features. One of them was WiFi connectivity. Now although some watches may not be able to use this feature for the lack of supported hardware, the chipset used inside the G Watch R definitely has this feature,. But LG probably to inflate the sale of the newer and pricier G Watch Urbane have not offered this feature as of now in the 5.1 update to the G Watch R. This leaves some very miffed owners and developers, and one fine developer at XDA has found out a way in how to enable it on the R. So head on down below to find out how this works!


Pre Requisites

  • LG G watch R running the 5.1.1 update (LDZ22D). This wasn’t tested on anything else.
  • You need to have your smartwatch rooted for this process to work smoothly.
  • You also must have a custom recovery like TWRP installed because that is the only way to flash the zip file
  • You also need to have your bootloader unlocked!
  • You will also need ADB drivers installed on your computer!


Step 1

(optional) Make a complete backup of system and boot in TWRP, so you can revert any changes made by the zip if you do not like it.

Step 2

Install intersectRaven kernel 20150530_08XX or newer. Doesn’t matter if you choose single or dual core. I recommend reading through his thread first to know the pros and cons of both . You can read about them in the kernel thread. This is the link to the folder with the kernels.

Step 3

Reboot into TWRP recovery!

Step 4


You can get it to the device with

adb push /sdcard/

Step 5

Reboot the device!

Congratulations are in order as you have successfully enabled WiFI on your Android Wear smartwatch!

But before we go too ahead of ourselves, a little word of warning about the bugs that are present in this zip.


  • This file brings over bunch of files & bits of firmware from the LG G watchUrbane, so something might break.
  • There is some actual reason why WiFi was not enabled on lenok – including some HW difficulties.Using this method to enable WiFi has the potential to cause permanent HW damage. Also keep in mind that WiFi on G Watch R might not have been certified for use.
  • It’s working just fine for me so far, but I haven’t been using it for very long. The voice recognition is slower than on BT and less reliable (sometimes even claiming “offline”), not sure if that’s “how’s it’s supposed to be” or if it is bug specific to this mod.

We would love to know of your experiences of you after using this mod. So do leave a comment down below!

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