Google Inbox Review: What’s New For The World?

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Gmail, Email from Google. For almost the past decade since Gmail came out, email has been synonymous with it.

However this new app by Google’s Gmail team promises to revolutionize emailing forever. Does it live up to the hype? Let’s find out in our review of Inbox.


The new Inbox app has a completely revamped interface from the traditional Gmail app. for the first time both the web interface and the Android app follows the same design guide lines and looks consistent.

The new Material Design scales well and looks good on every screen that I could test it out on.

Also the bright red create button, the little animations when you click on either menus or buttons makes Inbox a joy to use.

Inbox on Desktop
Inbox on the Nexus 7
Inbox on the Redmi 1S

User Experience

I consider myself a heavy email user, a power user in the conventional sense.

I get upwards of 100 emails a day from various blogs and forums and I have to shift through them. With Gmail, I was forced to make new labels and custom star system so that I didn’t loose important emails in the slew of other not so important news.

With Inbox, I can finally enjoy emailing. Inbox casts emails into bundles and instead of archiving them you can simply pin important emails to the top. This has been a god gift for me as I have spent countless hours looking through  my starred emails for the one important email, now I can simply pin it up top and be done with it.

This and several new features are there to make life just that bit easier for the average and even the power users.


Let us check out the salient new features of Inbox one by one.

  1. Pin: This is like starring important emails. Instead of starring an email for important and leaving it in starred bundle, now you can pin individual mails to the top of the inbox.  Screenshot_2014-11-04-13-48-08
  2. Done: This is very similar to archiving in the old Gmail.This is for when you don’t need a message anymore. Marking an email as “Done” removes it from your inbox or visible bundles. You can still search for it, but it won’t be cluttering everything up. Screenshot_2014-11-04-13-48-17
  3. Snooze: This is for emails that are important to you but not right now. Like a great deal which you’d want to check out later after your work is done or a news paper subscription offer that you’d want to look into once your current subscription runs out. For such times of need there is now the snooze option. Inbox allows you to snooze it so it disappears from your inbox and comes back at a later time. You can specifiy a specific time, use vague presets like “tomorrow afternoon” or let Google decide with a “Someday” option for things you don’t want to deal with now, but that aren’t time-sensitive. If you view your inbox in Gmail, snoozed messages will be archived. Screenshot_2014-11-04-13-48-52 Screenshot_2014-11-04-13-47-30
  4. Reminders: This is the long awaited integration of the features of Google keep and Google Now in Gmail. Unlike Snooze where you can have the emails pop up at a specified time reminders are notes to self that will pop up at a certain time based on when you set it. Screenshot_2014-11-04-13-48-44
  5. Bundles: Bundles are similar to the groups of the old Gmail and every reminder and email is put into a certain pre set bundle .You can change these bundles and make custom bundles too. Also all reminders are kept in a separate bundle.
  6. Intelligent features: Inbox  aims to provide you with the information you need without actually having to dive into an email, or search for information elsewhere. Emails with flight information will show the status of your flight. Emails with photo attachments will embed the photographs in your inbox, rather than requiring you to open the message directly. Screenshot_2014-11-04-13-49-43
  7. Quick contacts : In Inbox, the contacts you mail the most are shown in little circles once you click on the red create icon. This is a very nice touch by Google often saving me seconds and making my lazy self very happy indeed. Screenshot_2014-11-04-13-48-27


This is a fresh new take on email by Gmail compiling together many of the features provided by the competing email providers and making the experience even better. We are looking forward to it’s commercial release to change the entire landscape of email as we know it and work out the few kinks and bugs that it has

With special thanks to Sayan Goswami, he’s a wonderful YouTuber check him out here and Luqmaan Dien Mathee for screenshots and invites respectively.

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