Get Jelly Bean 4.1.2 for Micromax A110 (Canvas 2)

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Note: Due to some reasons this ROM is not available now. So don’t download anything from this article as this is old 4.1.1 ROM only. We will be doing our best to give you latest update about 4.1.2 ROM and then you will be able to download that from here.
Extremely sorry for inconvenience.

Still you have not update your Micromax A110 Canvas 2 to Jellybean 4.1.2? That’s sad! I hope you are willing to update but you can’t get proper tutorial on how to get Jellybean 4.1.2 for Micromax A110 canvas 2. So, today in this post I will guide you on How to get Jellybean 4.1.2 for Micromax A110 (canvas 2).

Get Jelly Bean 4.1.2 for Micromax A110 (Canvas 2)

Here it is step by step guide on How to get Jellybean 4.1.2 for Micromax A110 (canvas 2) with simplified images for better understanding. To update Jellybean 4.1.2 on Micromax A110 without any conflict, you first have to go through the whole post and then perform actual process on your device.


1. Charge your battery up to 70%.

2. Enable USB debugging. (Settings > Applications > Development > USB Debugging)

3. Back up your phone data.

4. Install Micromax A110 USB drivers from here.

5. Download files .

Steps to get Jelly Bean :

1. Install drivers and extract SP Flash Tool and Jellybean update file on the desktop.

2. Now, open “SP Flash Tool” from the extracted folder.

SP Flash Tool

3. From the Sp Flash Tool, click on Scatter-Loading button and choose “MT6573_Android_scatter.txt” file from the extracted folder.

SP Flash Tool1

4. Now, go to file menu, “Click Option > Click USB Model and Choose Option > DA DownLoad All > Speed > Click High Speed

SP Flash Tool2

5. At last, click on Firmware Download.

SP Flash Tool3

6. Now, you have to switch off your phone completely by taking out battery and insert it back after few seconds. Without switching on, connect your device via USB cable with your computer to begin the flashing process automatically.

7. You can see the percentage at the bottom of SP flash Tool and speed also. After the process is completed you will see big green ring and then you can disconnect your device.

Note: For the first time, your device will take 3-5 minutes for starting so don’t be hesitate.

That’s it! You have flashed the Jellybean 4.1.2 for Micromax A110 (canvas 2) and now you can lick the taste of Jellybean for following some onscreen instruction. In case, if you face any difficulty in understanding or in updating Jelly Bean 4.1.2 for Micromax A110 then feel free to contact with us via comments and we will try to solve your all the difficulties. Happy Rooting 😀


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  1. Harish says

    i have a doubt, in the 4th step,. u said that we have to use “Download all” options, which means,.. do we want to download someting? i mean, do we want a good internet connection to upate a phone to 4.1.1 to 4.1.2 ???? and,
    i have already downloaded a89 drivers, SP flashing tool, file for jellybean 4.1.2 .///// can u get what im trying to ask sohil bro?

  2. Karan says

    Thanx for this buddy.. bt i want to root my Canvas 2 on Running Jelly bean update…
    tell me how i do that??

  3. venkatesh says

    i downloaded all those files and did everything…when i turned off my mobile and clicked firmware upgrade and connected my mobile, it getting charge or its getting turn on.. The sp tool is simply searching… Plz hep me out…..
    Thanks in advance….

  4. meet says

    i have completed till step 6 but it is not automatically flashing …wat to do pls help me as soon as possible bcoz m goin out of town today n its important to complete dis … plzzz :(

  5. JITENDRA says

    I tried Jelly Bean But Not Download the MT6573 Android Scatter file, click the button Firmwear error in in checked , but without path!
    Please help me for Jelly bean uadate

  6. SUHAIL says

    After jelly bean installed on my canvas 2 how can i unroot my phone &
    my phone also in clockwork mod enabled

  7. JITENDRA says

    I have all process done, click on Firmware upgarde & Connect to mobile to PC problem is flash tool 0% running i have check is half hours running is 0%,
    pls help.

    • sohil memon says

      Try the whole process again and this time after switching mobile off take the battery for few seconds and insert it back then connect your phone via USB cable.

        • deb says

          I am also getting the same problem…..
          Phone is going to charging mode.
          My phone is not rooted is this the problem….
          Pls help.

  8. Ravi Kiran says


    Help me, am tired of getting this error again and again. 3013 SD check error. Tried doing all the possible ways. Even I couldn’t Root my phone too. Don’t know why it has read-only system and not allowing anything to work.

    ERROR: OperationIndicator::QueryDADLHint(): da_dl_type(??) error, could not find DA download hint!(.OperationIndicator.cpp,98)

    Please let me know why the hell my phone got locked and that too when I want to get root access not allowing me to do so. Provide POC to get this solved.

    L. Ravi Kiran

  9. sk says

    Hi bro…….
    I tried dis bt I am not getting scatter.txt file. Hear it is diff file not .txt file. When I click on scatter and from where I should browse det file….?? Plz help out

  10. harsh says

    is it 4.1.1 or 4.1.2???… of data download some people said it’s 4.1.1
    i already updated to JB 4.1.1

    thankx in advance

  11. says

    hello sir ..
    kya canvas 2 ics me pen drive connect kr skte h if yes
    plzz tell me the process because i have tried all the mathoed to connect pen drive but i am not successful..plz help me

  12. Biplov Biswas says

    Hey dude my phone is already running on jb 4.1.1 tell me how to root and upgrade reply on my email Id plz help

  13. Srinivasan says


    Firmware Upgrade button or Download button? which is correct. You hav marked “Firmware Upgarde” button and instructed to press download!

  14. Srinivasan says

    I used the downloads and used the download button to load in to my mobile. First it is only 4.1.1 and next it says invalid imei for both numbers!

    • Srinivasan says

      I think when we use sp-tools, the NVRam file which contains part of the configuration details gets rewitten. due to this this imei invaild and nvramm errors are popping up. It may be due to pressing download button rather than upgrade button. While I found a easy way out to solve the issue if imei for which several links are available, removing NVRam is a headache.Bit I managed to sort out both. But I am not sure whether this errors will pop up again If I try another upgrade in the future.For nvram issue I used the following thanks to amitrao55 in

      here is the procedure .
      step 1: download sn_write_station tool

      step 2: extract stock jelly bean ROM in a folder

      step 3: open sn_write_station and select smart phone instead of feature phone

      step 4: select modem image and ap image in the folder where you extract the ROM .

      step 5: now select wifi Mac address in function

      step 6: now select start it will ask you for wifi Mac . enter the Mac address without “:” and press enter.

      step 7: now switch off your phone and connect it to PC it will take 5 to 10 seconds to complete the processing.

      disconnect the phone and start…..that’s it ….so far …no error…

      For imei use same tool and set your original imei numbers or else
      use the following

      warning: not for phones with valid imei[undamaged], if tried may permanently remove your IMEI.

      first note down the imei of your phone which is under the battery…

      open dialer and dial [mtk engineering mode] *#*#3646633#*#*

      under connectivity goto “CDS information” tab or directly goto “CDS information” tab.
      goto “Radio Information”
      select Phone1,
      you can see AT+ at the top,
      touch it,
      and type AT+EGMR=1,7,”xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”
      type your 15-digit IMEI in the quotes in place of xxxx…
      it will show a message like sent successful…….[i dont remember it…]
      now reboot your phone….
      for second sim follow same procedure but,
      select Phone 2 in radio,
      and type AT+EGMR=1,10,”xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”
      type your 15-digit IMEI in the quotes in place of xxxx…
      it will show a message like sent successful…….[i dont remember it…]
      now reboot your phone….

      It works for my Micromax A110 Canvas 2.

  15. Azan says

    hello sohil,
    no matter what i do my cell is not getting detected after shutting it off…..
    i have tried several ways to install JB but doesnt work out at all!

  16. Ankush says

    Hi sohil!
    I have a question. I didn’t update to JB when it just came for Canvas 2 because I heard it is draining the battery a lot. What is the situation now? Should I update it now?

  17. ankur says

    hi there I have got canvas with pre installed 4.1.1
    I wanted to know should I upgrade it and what all changes are there in 4.1.2 thanks in advance

  18. syed imran says

    Hey, Sohil

    my phone is not getting on plz help out.. don’t no to format without on in it…its not getting on….

  19. divya says

    I got the driver & was successfully installed however I dont get the popup after connecting the USB. I get sound alert bt no popup?

    Is thr a fix to ths?

  20. Tanay says

    it is not searching my device although i connected
    i have followed all the steps correctly then too
    pls help
    thnx in advance

  21. rohan says

    my phone switch off bcoz i m doing upgrade process my canvas 2 to jellybean. now what to do? please tell me my phone is dead.

  22. nutan says

    Hi there….
    2 months back i bought canvas 2…..from last 2 days there is some problem in my mobile…like…
    1) If i am on call suddenly speaker turns on or call get disconnected.
    2) Today i am not even able to make any call.
    3) Bluetooth and many other functionalities gets activated and deactivated automatically.
    4) In short the touchscreen is behaving in very strange way……
    somehow i managed to perform factory reset…but still the problem is there….

    Please suggest me what should i do in this case????
    is it a virus problem????

  23. sajid khan says

    i upgrade my phone i.e. canvas 2 its working fine but the back camera is not working, when i on the camera than front camera will on & back camera option was gone.
    even its not showing in setting also.

    Please help i am worried about that.

    thanks & regards,
    Sajid khan

  24. Ashwin says

    Hi Sohil,

    After rooting my phone having problem of Invalid IMEI. please help how to fix the issue and how to slove in what way.

  25. Md Naseeruddin Shah says

    Followed everystep, go success but still its showing 4.1.1 !!! Is this procedure for 4.1.1 or 4.1.2 ???

  26. Md Naseeruddin Shah says

    Read the note on the top.. Why don’t you delete this post . People generally just read the Headline of the topic and just start up with the procedure.

  27. prasad says

    Hey i having micromax canvas 2 A110 . i upgraded it from MMX store , and right now i want to root my phone . i have download suvi ROM for it . Bin4ry tool . getting error that mount:Are you root ? and all files (super user su ,…..) are not coping in my phone . hey is there someone to help me please .
    thank you
    i have mention my mail ID

  28. ajay says

    dude, i am not able to proceed from the third step… it says invalid scatter format… what to do? pls help fast and thanks in advance.

  29. Monish Khaniya says

    Hello Sohil,

    I am getting this below 2 errors, please suggest…
    ! G:\Accer Setups\Micromax\micromax a110 canvas update to jelly bean by.king.of.gsm.rar: CRC failed in S9081_MP_F4.1_B1_IN_MMX_1.10\system.img. The file is corrupt
    ! G:\Accer Setups\Micromax\micromax a110 canvas update to jelly bean by.king.of.gsm.rar: Unexpected end of archive

    ! G:\Accer Setups\Micromax\micromax a110 canvas update to jelly bean by.king.of.gsm.rar: CRC failed in S9081_MP_F4.1_B1_IN_MMX_1.10\system.img. The file is corrupt
    ! G:\Accer Setups\Micromax\micromax a110 canvas update to jelly bean by.king.of.gsm.rar: Unexpected end of archive

  30. says

    you know sohail… ure point no. 6 … no blog for updating canvas 2 had ever said that…
    and thats why i strived to update for soo long…. HATS OFF TO YOU MAN…. thanks

  31. Mansinh Gohil says

    I am Currently using CanvaS4 ROM on mmxA110 ,,,,,,,It’s awesome…….but I want to go back on Original MMX 4.1.1 ……..Plz Plz guide Me !????

  32. Aravind says

    Please give me a link for JellyBean 4.1.2 for Micromax A110 Canvas 2

    Not Jellybean 4.1.1……………………………………….

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