Easy Steps to Root Kindle Fire HD

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Apart from all the tablets, Kindle Fire HD is an extraordinary tablet running on Amazon’s Customized Interface. Your boundaries to use Kindle Fire HD are upto Amazon’s choice of apps and Amazon’s favorite services. You can’t use Android OS efficiently as well as unable to install other apps. The only way to break the limited boundaries is to root Kindle Fire HD.

Root Kindle Fire HD

After rooting Kindle Fire HD, you can install apps and Custom ROMs. So, if you want to maximize the benefits of your device then go on reading the post. The whole post covers the guide on How to Root Kindle Fire HD easily. Before going to the original process, you must read the following requirements.


1. Charge your battery up to 70%.

2. Enable ADB by going “Settings > Security > Enable ADB”.

3. Back up your phone data and then remove external SD card.

4. Install Kindle Fire HD USB drivers from here.

5. Download Tools to root Kindle Fire HD

  • Bin4ry Root Tool
  • QemuRoot Tool

Easy Steps to Root Kindle Fire HD

1. Install drivers and extract both the tools in one folder.

2. If drivers installation then download this drivers and install it.

3. Connect your device and run the “Runme.bat” file from the extracted folder (Bin4ry Root Tool).

4. Choose “Normal Mode” and when all the process get over your device will reboot.

5. As soon as device starts, run “QemuRoot” from the extracted folder.

6. Choose option “1” and let the process begin.

7. Your device will be rebooted at that time you have to “press any key to continue” for a few times.

8. As the final reboot takes place, you’ll receive a success message as well as Superuser app is installed on your Kindle Fire HD.

That’s it! You have successfully rooted your Kindle Fire HD. So, this guide covers all about how to root Kindle Fire HD easily. In case, if you face any difficulty in understanding or performing then feel free to contact with us via comments and we will try to solve your all the difficulties. Happy Rooting 😀


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  1. Deb says

    I appreciate your article and would love to root my Kindle Fire HD. Unfortunately, this is not my area of expertise and I’m having no luck doing it. I get it all downloaded, but then get a message that the app can’t be opened. Can you help me? I’m sure I’m doing something wrong, or there’s something left out that I should already know to do, but I’m stuck. Thank you very much.

  2. Kerry says

    Deb, if you can’t root your device, then you shouldn’t be doing it. Perhaps a friend could help out. But, if this is outside your abilities, I wouldn’t suggest it. I was able to root my Kindle HD by following this and a video on youtube.

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