Best Gaming ROM for the Micromax Canvas A116 HD

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The Canvas A116 HD though equipped with stellar hardware is let down by it’s software front. Here at AndroidRooting we help you get the most out of your hardware with various mods, rooot tweaks and ROMs. So we are very proud to present you with the SLD Ultimte v3 ROM.


Pre Requisites

  • Your phone must be rooted.
  • Custom Recovery must be installed.
  • Battery must be over 80%.


Step 1

Backup IMEI using  “Mobile Uncle Tool” and backup file safely on computer.

Step 2

Boot into Custom Recovery TWRP/CWM.

Step 3

Do Factory Reset FULL WIPE [ Warning: Data will be deleted ].

Step 4

Install ROM.

Step 5

Clear Dalvik Cache & Reboot Phone.

And now wait a few minutes to boot into your new ROM.

Feature Set

  • Bhaarat Theme with Tricolor Flavoured Wallpapers.
  • New Cool BootLogo and JB BootAnimation.
  • Nova Launcher (recommended for good battery) and Stock Launcher both included.
  • New Seeder tweak by RemZej.
  • GPS Tweak.
  • A116i Base Rom with frameworks from CELKON A119Q with 4.2.2 binaries.
  • Fully Zip-aligned and signed.
  • This rom uses A116i Stock Kernel.
  • Pre-Rooted with updated SU Binaries.
  • 4.2 Stock Camera 1088p Video Recording (Patch for Stock 4.3 with working Panorama also available).
  • HEAVILY & INSANELY Tweaked, Tested OK.
  • Init.d support.
  • Loopy Smoothness Tweaks (touchscreen optimization)
  • New Ram Optimization Tweaks & New SQLite (good for gaming)
  • More Power Tweaks
    — New Network & WiFi Tweaks
    — Launcher forced in memory
    — Render UI with GPU to reduce CPU usage
    — Deep Sleep tweaked
    — Camera Sound forced to silent.
  • You can get FREE RAM between around 490 to 650 MB. With all required apps installed on my phone I have 600MB FREE RAM all the time.
  • After flashing free Internal Storage will be 890+ MB
  • Immediately after flash you can start installing APKs, both from Internal and External SDcards.
  • Quick Boot (small app pre-installed) for Reboot / Reboot to Recovery Option
  • No need to swap storage default after flashing.
  • Restored 4.2 Stock Camera 1088p Video Recording (4.3 Flashable addon zip available below)
  • Very Lite ROM. Only 304 MB



Congratulations on having installed the very best gaming ROM on he Micromax canvas A116 HD. You can now play games like Asphalt 8 without frame drops. Leave a comment down below if you get stuck in any step.

For bug fixes and GPS issues and other more odds and ends on this please click this link and read through the second post if you’re from outside India. If you wish to check out another ROM for the A116 click here.

Source: XDA

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