10 Best Custom ROMs for Micromax Canvas 2 (A110)

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634952250817352336_b   The Micromax A110 or as it is better known the Micromax Canvas 2 was the first of the devices to take India by storm and put affordable power packed Android phones into the hands of everybody. However despite the more than sufficient hardware, the company tripped up in terms of software providing an experience that was lack luster and often plagued with lag. t remedy that the good developer at xda stood up and thanks to the valiant efforts of many developers including yours truly, there are now a plethora of Custom Roms to choose from. However a problem of plenty is not always as good a thing as one would want you to believe. Some Roms are just not quite as good as the others so we put all the Roms through their paces so that you don’t have to. And here we are, presenting

Ten Ultimate Roms For the Micromax Canvas 2

Before we begin there are a few pre requisites to installing custom roms on phones

  1. The device must be rooted

Root for the Micromax Canvas 2

       2.  Custom Recovery must be installed

Custom Recovery for the Micromax Canvas 2

Now let the flashing begin:

Galaxy Note 3 Rom


  • Note 3 looks
  • Note 3 apps
  • Note 3 ringtones
  • Note 3 fonts and icons
  • S dialler
  • Note 3 bootanimation
  • Pre rooted

Download here.

Xperia Z Rom

screenshot2013032400513 screenshot2013032400515 screenshot2013032400522 screenshot2013032400500 screenshot2013032400504   Based on the Xperia Z this jellybean rom comes packed with many Xperia specific features

  • Xperia Apps like Albums, Calculator Dialler and much more
  • Xperia Widgets
  • Xperia backlight control
  • Xperia notification bar
  • Smmoth Performance
  • GPS configs

Download here. Patch from here.



  • Fast and Responsive
  • New Kernel
  • Touchwiz Launcher
  • Less RAM usage
  • Constant 60fps

Download here.

Kitkat Rom

Screenshot_2013-11-03-00-01-39 Screenshot_2013-11-01-09-33-01 Screenshot_2013-11-01-13-47-31 Screenshot_2013-11-02-10-34-22 Screenshot_2013-11-03-00-00-58 Screenshot_2013-11-03-00-01-10

  •  KitKat Google+
  • KitKat Hangout
  • KitKat Launcher
  • KitKat Camera
  • KitKat Gallery
  • KitKat Dash Clock
  • KitKat Keyboard ( You need install as apk Download from here & install)
  • KitKat Email
  • KitKat Gmail
  • KitKat GmsCore
  • KitKat GoogleNow (Velvet)
  • KitKat Keep
  • KitKat Sounds
  • KitKat Bootanimation (Unofficial)
  • KitKat Icons Download & Flash

Download Micromax Canvas 2 Kitkat from here.

Galaxy S4 Rom

Screenshot_2013-07-15-06-59-17 Screenshot_2013-07-12-19-10-38 Screenshot_2013-07-15-06-46-52 Screenshot_2013-07-15-06-58-36   My good colleague here has written a detailed description and procedure on this ROM check it out: Here So there you have it, the top 5 Roms for the Micromax Canvas 2. The remaining 5 are honorable mentions, some being in beta and with lots of potential

Cyanogen Mod 10.2

CyanogenMod Features This is stock JB 4.3 port from the galaxy nexus. You can follow the Rom from here.

Woody Dark 0.8

bgyCzFy ZQJBcJv A beautiful Rom based off the S5 ports running o 4.2.2 . The pictures say for themselves. Download from here.

XoXo Gaming Rom

38f2b2464c7f657f32590b780c5db584 3939c0b0fafd7fbe1aafb37224c138ae Love to game? This is the ideal Rom for you. Turn your Micromax Canvas 2 into a gaming beast with this Rom

  • RAM Management
  • Overclocked
  • Bindaas Kernel

Download Rom from here.

Cyanogen Mod 11 pre Alpha Test Build

cyanogen-mod-m4 This is true 4.4.2 kitkat that is being compiled from source. This is a pre alpha so many things my not work. Follow the Rom development here.

Raven Rom

Screenshot_2013_10_16_03_13_32 Screenshot_2013_10_13_23_57_55 This is one of the most funky and abstract Rom for the Micromax Canvas 2 . Download this Rom here.   That is all folks. These are our top 10 ROMS for the Canvas 2. Did we miss any out or do you have something to ask about any of these Roms? Leave a comment below and we’ll be happy to answer.

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    • Amartya says

      XoXo Gaming ROM for gaming
      And looks I prefer the Sony ROM because I use a Sony z3 in real life, but you can choose whichever you thinks looks cool according to you

  1. Arpan tandon says

    can u plz give best rom for canvas 2.2 a114 mobile
    i am having samsung note 3 rom in mobile but it is not for battery

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