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In this post I will be covering the most 5 most common questions that you may have if you have bought an Android phone for the first time.

1.     Where are my contacts

When you purchase a new Android smartphone you would prefer to have all your contacts and details to be present in the new phone as well. Data from Contacts, Google Calendar and other pieces of information that you can’t really do without.

Whenever you export data from platforms like Apple or Microsoft they will take care of letting you export all the data in a format readable by Android OS.

It will sync with the device and you will have access to all your contacts and appointments.

2.     How do I customize my phone

Every Android phone lets you make some changes to how the device operates and looks like- stuff like wallpapers and themes.

Installing launchers like Apex will let you perform some more tricks on the device.

Apex Launcher   Android Apps on Google Play


  • Choose between 9 homescreens
    • Scrollable dock has over 7 icons per page and up to 5 pages
    • Infinite & elastic scrolling support
    • Fancy transition effects like cube and tablet
    • Customize the icons and labels for shortcuts and folders
    • Choose different folder preview styles and background
    • Multiple drawer styles (transparent/opaque, horizontal/vertical, paginated/continuous)
    • Drawer apps sorting (title, install date, mostly used)
    • Hide apps from the drawer

For more advanced customizations you need to root your smartphone.

3.     How to sync music and video

Unlike iOS you don’t have something  like iTunes on Android for syncing music and video. Your only option is to use Google Play for music and YouTube for video. You can sync music and videos using Google drive or other cloud services.

4.     How to keep your device safe

You can protect your Android device by using a pattern lock. Only you who know the pattern can unlock the device.

You can also use a PIN lock. With Android Lollipop the PIN can be deactivated in safe surroundings like Home. Otherwise it automatically becomes  activated.

5.     What’s the best way to extend battery life

You can use apps like Juice Defender to extend battery life. There are three versions available- free, plus and Ulimate. The Plus version costs $1.99 and includes options like scheduling for night time and customize battery usage depending on location, wi-fi availability. The Ultimate version that costs $4.99 supports features like peek times, autosync and GPS controls.

Five Android apps that prolong your smartphone s battery life   CNET

Image Source

Again there are other apps that you may find interesting. Like Battery Defender, Go Battery Saver and Power widget,  Auto Run Manager to save battery life.

Lastly, lowering the brightness and charging the battery after it’s completely drained can also help save and extend battery life.

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