Android M Preview gets major update

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Since its launch in May, Android M Preview has moved to the stage 2 of release— Android M Preview 2.

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Android M app drawer updated

Previously we had shared that the new app drawer scrolls vertically and lists out apps in alphabetical order. The drawer also had alphabets on the left of the app.

The old version looked this this.

vertical scroll

These have now been removed.

The search bar on the left earlier had a magnifying glass which is now replaced by “search apps”.

Rotating home screen

Finally… now you can rotate the home screen. You can access the settings for the same under home screen settings.

Network settings reset

There’s also the introduction of a network settings reset feature which enables you to wipe out all saved wi-fi and phone network settings in one go.

This feature can be accessed from backup and reset settings.

In late July we can see the Android M preview 3 and hopefully it will have more updates.

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