How to Update the Desire 816 to Lollipop


The Desire 816 has been one of the best selling mid rangers for HTC in the past year. It carries forward HTC’s new design language and packs a decent set of internal specifications. And while Sense has it’s fair share of followers, no ones likes to get left behind while the others are getting the […]

How to put Cyanogen Mod 12 on your Moto Maxx


The Moto Maxx is a good all round device. Hell, some even would go as far as to say that the Moto Maxx is the true flagship that Motorola should’ve released. With a beefy battery and the killer 2k screen the Moto Maxx ticks all the right boxes in the hardware department. But sometimes decent […]

How to Root the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 SM-T 230/T230NU


Samsung devices used to be very easy to root. So much so that developers started buying Samsung devices because of it. However the key word is used to. It’s not that easy anymore. Primarily because of Knox. Knox is a sort of root counter. So no matter how you root, once Knox is tripped Sammy […]