Features of the Glitchy Kernel on the Nexus 7


Last time we covered how to install the glitchy Kernel and today we are back with a few more features of the same kernel. If you haven’t read our earlier post, hop on over to this link to find how you can install this bad boy on your very own tablet. Features Based on Google […]

How to get Dolby Digital on your Galaxy Note 4 (N9100C)


The Galaxy Note 4 is Samsung’s flagship phablet offering for this year. Packed with hardware specs designed to put any competing flagship device to shame, the only place where this behemoth might fall short is the audio department.  HTC have their BOOM sound and Motorola also have their front facing speaker in the moto X, […]

How to Install Glitchy Kernel on the Nexus 7


Today we’re back with yet another kernel for the very popular Nexus 7 2013, or as we affectionately call it Flo. Now Lollipop has been out quite a while, yet in the slew of Custom Kernels, none have yet managed to give a truly stable performance. And that is where Glitchy Kernel comes in. So let’s take […]

How to Install UniKat ROM on the Note 3 Neo


The Note 3 Neo has been somewhat of a smaller brother to the Note 3. And with the release of the Note 4, the Note 3 Neo has been all but relegated to the bottom of the Note pile!! But fear not for we are here to help you out with this glorious custom ROM […]

How to Install Android 5.1 Lollipop on Xiaomi Mi4/Mi3


The Xiaomi flagship boasts some state of the art firepower inside the hood along with an ample 3 GB of RAM while with 2 GB of RAM on board, the former flagship was neither a slouch. However, it’s the heavily skinned MIUI that takes up a lot of these resources to provide that buttery smooth […]

How to use a 3G Data Connection or Dongle with your Mi Pad


This is the first of a series of articles I plan to write as I explore the various ins and outs of this new device I have, the glorious Mi Pad! Because of the affordable price point many fellow tech gadget freaks have picked one up and so this is an advanced article on how […]

How to Install Oxygen OS on your One Plus One


So Oxygen OS for the One Plus One is here. We have much to tell you so we’ll keep this intro short. Let’s this suffice though, if you have an Indian One Plus One, this is going to be your ROM from now on so if you want to shape how it is, jump aboard […]

How to install CWM recovery to the Xiaomi Mi Pad


In my previous articles I had explained to you guys how you can root the Xiaomi Mi Pad how you can install the developer version of MIUI on it (Click here for the article). So what does one do after rooting their device? Install a custom recovery of course! So here we are with an […]